Saturday, November 26, 2011

Trends: its all about Military

i myself never was quite a fan of FASHION trends,as they are defined from time to time..I may follow some at points of my life but i can certainly say i despise many of them(with my latest being the snake skin trend in EVERYTHING).

i prefer to have my own TIMELESS trends which i will never get used to and i always admire them.

one of my many addictions is called MILITARY.i seem to love everything that has to do about it.From shirts to pants, from coats to jackets even shoes.Probably that's why BALMAIN is one of my all-time favorites and beloved fashion houses.Little examples there are of its collection that don't include at least one military piece of clothing.

whatever way you choose to wear it, either with only one piece or military on-the-whole, the result can't be rather than astonishing.

my choice?? A military jacket with BOLD SHOULDERS and EXTRAVAGAZA details on the front with a baggy white t-shirt underneath and a pair of skinny jeans.NOTto much accessories.don't even carry a bag if possible ;) keep it SIMPLE

photos by: The Sartorialist,


  1. kala to savvato sto wear vintage bazaar h anthi htan h nea pnoh sto militaire!
    mou kanei polu classy to milaitere se sakaki kai mou aresei!

  2. Teleies photo k teleio style!Bravo!

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    and on-line store !! :)

  3. @vero ναι την είδα σε κάποιες φωτογραφίες από την εκδήλωση!!!ΜΕ άρεσε πολυ και εμένα :P
    είναι κλασσικό σίγουρα ένα τετοια σακάκι και για μένα basic κιόλας!!!τα αγαπάω!!!μπορούν να μετατρέψουν το κάθε σύνολο!!!
    @αμαλία σε υπερευχαριστώ!!!και ανταποδίδω!!!μην ανησυχείς το μπλοκ σου σε λίγο θα περάσει απο σκανάρισμα..χαχα :P :)

  4. S'euxaristw poly! Omorfes fwtografies, se ekana follow! :)


    ~Style Emphasis

  5. Ξαναγύρισε το military trend! Μου αρέσει πολύ :D

  6. Looks like left over band stuff or torn up crap.


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