Monday, January 9, 2012

"New in"

I know its been years since i wrote a post but honestly i'm so busy with all the italian lessons, university exams,referee courses and volleyball that i dont even have time to sit on my chair and just do nothing, which i miss.And thats how it will be until the end of February unfortunately :(

Anyway i decided since i do want to continue to write on my blog for this period the posts will mostly include random things, such as "new in" and inspiration themes.Hope you like it :)

So here are two things that are new in in my wardrobe.First is a tie bow that i found and which i so so so love(My new current obsession is wearing tie bows with shirts and oxfords!!).And secondly is a clutch very close to Alexander McQueen style which i wanted for like months, but in the end it was given as a present to me by one of my best friends.thank you my jelly berry :))