Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Juicy weekly

Another late post but I'm truly sorry. I didn't have any Internet connection those previous days and plus i had to many obligations :/ But here it is the Juicy Weekly :))

1) What i saw those last days and really thrilled me was an outfit by Andy Torres(aka Style Scrapbook) in which she combined a sporty jumper with a more classic printed midi skirt and heels.
I admit i liked it very much and i will definitely try it in the days to come. But would you wear something like that??

2) This a dress from Gucci S/S 2013. The photo is taken by Scott Schuman. Its not only that i like this dress but its also the prospective that this guy gives to his pictures. And so does on this particular one.

3) I found genius what they did in Phillip Lim's show with the manicure of the models. I actually tried it myself and it came out really nice but you will see more details later. The video is by Garance Dore

4) In the process of presenting to you my favorite bloggers international or not I couldn't do nothing but mention Doina from The Golden Diamonds. She is so young and so stylish. I like her blog because in every single post she presents something completely different regarding to her previous outfits. And so her style is an ongoing exploration. If you don't know her get to meet her.

5) Yesterday was Fashion's Night Out in Thessaloniki and we had so much fun. Pictures soon on the blog

6) The print below was one of the official designs for the FNO t-shirts. Congratulations to the designer Savvas Sagioglou !!

7) Tumblr tumblr tumblrrrrrr inspo

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  1. The emerald Gucci dress in the second pic has stolen my heart. Can i please have it????

    Miss Margaret Cruzemark


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