Saturday, September 29, 2012

VFNO at Thessaloniki(Part no.2)

Street Styles
The 2nd part of the FNO coverage is mostly about street styles since after a point in time we were walking at the streets. But also we went again to Elegance Plus, where a competition took place. The award was a pair of sunnies for the person who styled better the models that were in the shop. And guess what? We took part and we won me, Mirto and my friend Dimitris. I have never ever won anything in my life. Afterwards we went back to Style Fax boutique where Mi-Ro was doing a mini presentation οf their clothing line and at the end we headed towards Daios Hotel for the after party. Honestly it was a night i could never forget.

Το 2ο μέρος σχετικά με την κάλυψη του FNO περιλαμβάνει περισσότερο street styles καθώς μετά από ένα σημείο τριγυρνούσαμε μόνο στους δρόμους. Πήγαμε όμως ξανά στο Elegance Plus όπου γινόταν ένας διαγωνισμός  Το βραβείο ήταν ένα ζευγάρι γυαλιά για το άτομο το οποίο θα δημιουργούσε το καλύτερο σύνολο για τα μοντέλα που υπήρχαν στο μαγαζί. Και μαντέψτε! Πήραμε μέρος εγώ, η Μυρτώ και ο φίλος μου ο Δημήτρης και νικήσαμε! Προσωπικά εγώ για πρώτη φορά στη ζωή μου. Εν συνεχεία ξαναγυρίσαμε στη Style Fax boutique όπου οι Mi-Ro έκαναν μια μίνι παρουσίαση της σειράς ρούχων τους και τέλος κατευθυνθήκαμε στο Daios Hotel όπου γινόταν το after party. Ειλικρινά ήταν μια βραδιά που δεν θα ξεχάσω ποτέ.
Street Style

Details. F for Fendi

Street Styles

@Canakiss hair salon

@Canakiss hair salon. Among them you can see Michael Pandos, the fashion director of VOGUE Hellas and also the fashion designer Apostolos Mitropoulos

Statement necklace. Details

Street Styles

Street Style. Maria from Maria ftw

The outfit we styled along with Dimitris and Mirto and won the competition.@Elegance Plus

@Elegance Plus. Me along with Dimitris, his friend Eve and the owner of the shop, Timi

Street Styles

@Style Fax boutique. The second outfit by the one of the two designers of Mi-Ro.
Love the pijama shirt he is wearing.

The models of Mi-Ro runaway at Style Fax  boutique

Anna Kapsali. The owner of Style Fax boutique

Model Kika Zahariadou along with Savvas Sagioglou, who was the designer behind the print at the FNO t-shirts

Street Style


Street Style.Yes the bag is Hermes

Street Styles

Street style

Street style

Street styles

Street Styles

Street Styles

Street Styles. Along with the fashion bloggers Giwta and Savina from The Blossom Girls

Street Styles 
Street Styles. And having fun

Street Style 
Our FNO balloons

All the photos were taken from Mirto Vathioti and me and therefore are courtesy of mine, hers and Style Fest.

Pants, shirt, shoes and necklace: H&M


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