Sunday, March 31, 2013

Personal Style: Random

Although I love blogging so (fuckin') much, some times I have to give it a rest cause simply there is no much time to do it ALL. Three major reasons (for those who do care) that I don't blog that often is because of 1)my university and reading schedule, 2)running from one volleyball practise to another[yes I also love volleyball THAT much] and 3)travelling/spending quality time with my friends.
My latest absence from Style Fest was due to third reason. Since here in Italy they celebrate Pascua and the universities close I found time to travel back to my home town in order to catch up with friends, family and my dog.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Seriously this remix of Lana Del Rey's song "Summertime Sadness" has trapped me into a mood of non-stop dreaming about the things that have passed and thinks that will come.
This voice of hers has got me into a swirl so powerful, so magical, so Lana.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Street Style No.9

One more street style coming from Rimini. When I saw this guy I just couldn't get past him. He brought me up memories from my trip at Berlin the previous November and all the cool guys I used to see in the streets, the metro and in the hip, underground bars. His name is Massimiliano and he is the proud owner of a shop, called MAXIM right in the heart of Rimini. And guess what? This is where I spotted him. Strange, huh? ;)

Spotted in: Via XX Settembre 61
Rimini, RN

Personal Style: Being comfy

Being a busy girl and having too many things to do through the day, I always seek for clothes that are easy, comfy and stylish to wear. And also clothes that can be worn from the beginning of my day when I leave for the university, halfway through it when I skip my schedule for a coffee with friends and finishing at night at some bar for cocktails(Apple Martini is my partner-in-crime).
And that's what this outfit is all about! Its casual-chic. Just my favorite "worn-until-rip" leather pants, a colorful sweater and accessories to enrich the style.
What is your usual comfy outfit??

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Personal Style: Pop-out orange

Early spring has arrived, March is already in his half and the weather here in Rimini, Italia just can't seem to make peace with himself! From one minute to another the bright sun can burst into a non-stopping downfall and again all the way around.
But this honestly can't stop me from start dressing a little more cheerful and colorful. Its spring for God' s sake! For me there is no better way to embrace this season of the year by wearing a bright color, such as orange that I chose here, in the form of something warm, like a jumper. Yes this Zara goodie is the perfect combination of the two. I paired it with my black leather shorts(leather is SO hot right now) and my favorite Celine-look-alike bag.
Have you already started wearing bright colors or no?

Friday, March 15, 2013


What about introducing some well-being through Style Fest, no? It's a general rule than when you feed well and exercise also, your whole being and system is much more efficient and works better. I am not an expert in well-being(I eat a lot, probably more than a man does). Yet since I try to change my lifestyle gradually, I want to introduce you some small tips I follow.
Therefore the most basic key is of course THE breakfast. Never miss it, never leave it. Its what gives you strength through the day and plus its a wake-up call for the system to start burning calories(yeiiiiiiiiii).
For my recipe all you will need is:
1)some All-Brans(a handful is more than enough),
2)fruits(my choice banana and kiwi),
3)fresh milk,
a bowl and a spoon.
And voilà your breakfast is ready. Bon appètit!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Trends: White Shoes

1)McQ Alexander McQueen(here), 2)Rag&Bone(here),
3)Converse All-Stars(here)

4)&Other Stories(here), 5)&Other Stories(here)

The indisputable winner of this season's battle for trends is yes, you understood well, The white shoes. Sincerely I can't think of anything better to upgrade my shoe wardrobe and my style and in the same time to welcome the spring. Among all my favorites are the SaintLaurent, Mango, All-Stars and of course the &Other Stories pumps.
Which pair is your favorite? Which one would you choose to wear?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Some new goodies I claim to have in my wardrobe
skirt ASOS/coat ASOS/slippers JIMMY CHOO

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Street Style No.8

As promised, as soon as I arrived in Italia, I didn't waist any time and jumped right into photographing Street Styles. Since I'm not in a major city, there is not much diversity in looks yet the style of Italians is undisputed. Among the first people I had the joy to capture through my (new) lens was this young man, named Luca. Honestly I couldn't take my eyes of him and he surely made this sunny day even more brighter!

Spotted in: Parco Renzi Madre Elisabetta
Rimini, RN

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Festa della donna

Yesterday it was the Festa Della Donna or in English(that everyone understands) the International Women's Day. Until now I didn't pay too much attention to this day since in my country, Greece, it's not that of a big deal. But here that I am now, ITALY, it's a whole different story! 
So you can imagine my surprise and joy(yeiii) when I got this flowers from a man. A completely stranger in fact(and also kind of  handsome it was). It sure made my day.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Personal Style: Crossed pants

One of the best purchases I made this autumn/winter was for sure this pair of crossed pants. I seem to wear them in every occasion and the best thing is that you can combine them with almost everything! From matchy-matchy sweaters to blouses and/or transparent blouses(PVC also works!!).
You can find similar here.
PS This is my first photoshoot that tool place in Rimini, where I live in now. Feeling so damn happy. Many things will follow. Stay tuned!!
Bisous :*