Friday, March 15, 2013


What about introducing some well-being through Style Fest, no? It's a general rule than when you feed well and exercise also, your whole being and system is much more efficient and works better. I am not an expert in well-being(I eat a lot, probably more than a man does). Yet since I try to change my lifestyle gradually, I want to introduce you some small tips I follow.
Therefore the most basic key is of course THE breakfast. Never miss it, never leave it. Its what gives you strength through the day and plus its a wake-up call for the system to start burning calories(yeiiiiiiiiii).
For my recipe all you will need is:
1)some All-Brans(a handful is more than enough),
2)fruits(my choice banana and kiwi),
3)fresh milk,
a bowl and a spoon.
And voilà your breakfast is ready. Bon appètit!

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