Friday, April 26, 2013

Personal Style: Palma de Mallorca(day 2)

Palma de Mallorca. Day 2. Outside temperature growing to 25 degrees Celsius. Since I can't rock my leather pants, why not rock my leather shorts this time? You've seen, you've experienced, you've wear it after all. Leather is a trend and hoping that it's here to stay.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Personal Style: Palma de Mallorca(day 1)

As I already told you in the facebook page of Style Fest I am doing some traveling right now and that's why I cannot post that often. But still I am trying to give you heads up for some of my viaggi(aka travels yet it sounded better in italiano). First stop in the map was Palma de Mallorca. This beautiful, breathtaking, stunning city. But more details and photo report on that later. First day there and the temperature had already hit 23 degrees Celsius. Soooo legs out, light jacket and this fishnet top, that I have been waiting like crazy to show you. Finally some sun :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Personal Style: Random details

Just a quick snap of what I wore today. Because we always love the details. Especially when they regard golden accessories.

wearing: necklace H&M/navy shirt vintage

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Personal Style: What's lost is found again

Ciao a tutti. Come state? Do you remember those pants that were a huge hit the previous season?
With Carolina Engman(aka Fashion Squad) being the first "famous" blogger to wear them and then with the majority of the fashion blogger's world to follow her steps. Yes I was one of them. I am not gonna lie.
And this is proven by the evidence.Yet I was not the one to to forgot them, I wear them until know and I think in this way I prove that a piece of clothing is not absolutely one-year's trend, yet it can fit in your style. This is the story behind my beloved Navajo pants. Here I wore them with my vintage Wrangler jacket(an absolute treasure, purchased after the precious guidance and persuasion of my very good friend and fellow blogger Savina).

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Street Style No.10

Another street style coming from Rimini. Actually(for those who keep track) its the first of a girl's to upload after a long period of time! I adore her kinda boy(-ish) style with the oversized denim jacket, which is paired perfectly with another denim(this time jeans) in darker shades. Classy combination and always stylish! Plus the whole outfit doesn't bring vintage memories to you? She reminds me of the 80's(probably early 90's) girls that were soooo cool and seemed so independent.

Spotted in: Via XX Settembre 61
Rimini, RN

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Il concerto di Eros

Ciao a tutti. Come state? Allora yesterday was the Eros Ramazzotti concert in Pesaro and since my friend and roomie here(in Rimini) is an absolute maniac fan, we couldn't help it but go along with a bunch of other friends. Being the only Greeks surrounded by Italians, who in no way could have understood us, we had so much fun joking around and just being silly. Like small kids in the playground. The weather was a "little" bitchy, but from the moment we got inside forced are way into and Eros started performing and singing and dancing we forgot it all. Here are some of the photos I captured.

Monday, April 1, 2013


It's the 2nd post with the well-being tag on it and honestly I am so ecstatic about it because all these things I propose to you and write about, it's part of my life style now(this part that is more private than the others and harder to share sometimes). But lets leave the melodramatic aside.
Except from exercising with my volleyball-team and doing some individual work out at home(more about it in a future post), when it's sunny outside or at least the weather has all the qualifications in order not to end up with branches on your hair/drenched to the bones, I really enjoy running.
I put on my Nike ID running shoes, my training pants and a windproof jacket and boom I am ready to head outside in the streets and interact(visually only) with other co-runners. Essential components are the mood "I-am-gonna-do-this-and-have-so-much-fun" and a cheerful playlist(or at least a playlist with songs that inspire you and make you feel strong).
For beginners the things you have to do is start by walking slightly fast and after a kilometer or whenever you feel warmed up, evolve it into a "leisurely pace" running. Continue for 2 or 3 kilometers. If your physical strength is good enough you can proceed up to the point that you start to feel exhausted. Do not over do and go above your powers, especially the first time, cause that may occur to severe injuries. And we certainly we don't want that. Finish this work out with some stretching at legs and arms(do not leave out this part. It's very important for your recovery). Repeat the whole procedure from 2 up to 4 times a week and trust me you will see some hell of a changes going on. 
PS. If you actually do start doing that email me back at I would be more than happy to hear your feedback and discus with you.

wearing: shoes NIKE ID LUNAR SAFARI FUSE/running pants NIKE/ windproof jacket NAPAPIJRI/yellow headphones TIGER