Saturday, May 4, 2013

Personal Style: Palma de Mallorca(day 3)

3rd and last day in Palma. The temperature was that high at that day that we actually hit the beach as well. Yeah yeah with swimsuit, cocktails and all that stuff. Wish I could be there all over again, enjoy the sun and just relax.
For now im in Rimini until I leave again the next week and I will try to keep you posted. Between my absence I have been on Manchester, Wien, Bratislava and Budapest but more on this later.
For now I am enjoying a cup of cappuccino and my wardrobe filling up with color since the summer is closer and closer.

wearing: orange jumper,necklace ZARA/ shorts,t-shirt H&M/ snapback OBEY/ sunnies SPITFIRE/ swimsuit ACCESSORIZE/ bagpack EASTPAK

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  1. Oh! You have been in my country!

    Btw, nice look!



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