Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Personal Style: Yellow mellow

The great thing about having friends that are your size is that you can share or even switch things. In that case it was all about the shoes. My dearest friend and fellow blogger Savina was the one to provide me with those bright, playful pumps. For the first time that I actually wore them, I chose to go black and just break the monochrome with the shoes and denim jacket(which appears not to be wearing it only when I sleep. probably that's the next stage of my lust for it).
Do you use to share or switch clothes? Or its something you are not in favor of?
PS. This photoshoot took place back when I was to my home town, Thessaloniki. God I miss her so much along with everything that comes with her.

wearing: leather pants H&M/ vintage denim jacket WRANGLER/ yellow pumps ASOS/ pullover(mammy's)/ celine-lool-alike bag(local store)/

Photos taken by Miss Mirto Vathioti

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  1. The yellow pumps make the difference!! Great styling


  2. Love your jacket & yellow shoes!


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