Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Stores: Maxim(Rimini)

Haven't you seen the street styles that I have captured, there is no way that you can't recall Massimiliano. Among all the other mumbling, I have mentioned in the article that he is the owner of a store here in Rimini called after the name MAXIM.
Being one of my personal favorites, since this shop not only does have a great variety of products yet also its one of a kind when it comes to this type of shops(urban mixed with skateboarding elements). Having travelled at many cities, including Berlin which is considered the capital of this particular type of fashion, I wonder "Have I seen anywhere a shop like that?". And I answer to myself no. Maybe I didn't have the chance. There is a great possibility there. But so far none shop has impressed me that much. Call it the internal and external design, the huge variety of clothes and accessories you can choose between or the passion, which exists in there from people who simply love what they are doing.
MAXIM has already completed 5 years of existence. Browsing through the labels you can find Our Legacy, Obey, Wood Wood, Uniform for the Dedicated, Only NY, Carrhartt, Levi's Vintage/Made&Crafted, Lazy Oaf, Huf, Vans, Nike, Adidas, Dr Martens, Hideout, RayBan and much more other.
Extra insight: everything is handpicked and ordered by the owner, Massimiliano, who travels through US, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium and other countries so as to be able to select them himself.
You can find the MAXIM store in Via XX Settembre 61, Rimini(RN), Italy.

All the photos are courtesy of Christina Agraggelou and Style Fest.
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