Monday, June 24, 2013

Personal Style: Budapest

After Wien, Budapest was calling. Oh and I can assure you she was unique. She is just so full of life and young people eager to prove that this city should possess a high position worldwide when it comes to travelling that combines both cultural and entertainment enjoyments. Among the days that I spend there I had the pleasure to witness a full tour on Budapest' sight seeings, a students' university party(THE BEST in my life EVER) and last yet not least in the 1st of May, a festival in honour of International Worker's Day.
My outfit was like my mood. Colorful and playful. Combining stripes with floral prints and bad-ass creepers was out of my comfort zone. But I am glad I took the step out of it. And now there is no turning back.
Which is your personal out-of-the-comfort-zone look?
PS. Besides fashion something else can drive me nuts. Sweets. This particular one is among the traditionals and it's called Kurtoskalacs. Don't miss he chance to try it, if you find yourselves in Budapest

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Personal Style: Wien

RIMINI. Italia. Europe. 18/6. 1 pm. Outside temperature 29 celsius. Inside temperature even more. You must be wondering why I am posting photos wearing long pants and a sweater. No I didn't go nuts. Not yet at least. Those photos were taken during my trip in Wien, Austria a month ago. One of the most breathtaking cities I have experienced so far. My outfit to go was those tribal pants from H&M, my beloved white sweater and my Underground shoes(purchased on a trip to Manchester as in UK).
Which is your comfort outfit for the travels?
PS The Eastpak backpack is a MUST

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Collaborations: Isabel Marant pour H&M

Waking up this morning and browsing through the social media, I almost choked myself into a ball of muesli&milk when I saw IT. Isabel Marant its going to collaborate with H&M. Well this is news.
My curiosity had grown up to another level regarding the fact that with whom H&M will choose to work this time and create clothes with a touch(or two or three) of high fashion.
Truth to be told many of us have craved over this Marant sneaker wedges/red leather jacket/knit sweaters but ok not everyone has the money to spent six hundred euros on shoes. And now its the time for us to get a piece of that pie.
The collection will be out on November.

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Personal Style: Color's calling

This orange jumper from Zara was a gift from heaven. Its one of the reasons that I am quite sad summer is approaching(ok I'm lying write soooo happy). Anyway for the last chilly days here in Italy I choose to pair it with jean pants&jacket and my Jimmy Choo loafers.
So how is the weather at your cities? Is it getting any better?
Here I am actually thinking of hitting the beach just to get some tan!Bisous!