Saturday, October 26, 2013

Personal style: Pink in a blink

There is no LBD(aka little black dress) for me. Too classy, too obvious, too black. I don't imply that there shouldn't be in a girl's wardrobe. Probably I also own one. But sometimes get out of your comfort zone. Why not wear in a night out with your girls a baby pink mini dress. Girly thus sexy if you support it with the right attitude! Mine is from H&M(last season though). Try it!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Personal Style: Playing dress up for school

Many times and always regarding to the circumstances, while I try to choose something to wear I keep an outcome or a role on my mind to coordinate the clothes with. This way not only I keep the imagination vibrant yet also I recycle and exploit every single piece of clothing that's inside my wardrobe. Lately I'm stuck on a grunge-skater-tomboy blend and I don't see my way out of it coming any time soon.
Here I'm wearing a basic denim skater skirt, a Herschel-absolute saver bird backpack(that I've been dying to show you) from Maxim Store at Rimini and some bling bling earrings(not quite obvious though).
Are you among the ones getting into roles too?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Street Style

It's Monday . It's Street Style day. This week we are keeping it a little bit simple and we are focusing more on black'N'white contrasts, denim layering and voluminous piece of clothing. 
PS We got men in the company. Don't neglect it. Spread it.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Personal Style: Purple styled

Purple hair? DONE. It was quite a time now that I was thinking to make a drastic change, when I saw a photo of my beloved and major style icon Eleonora Carisi with purple ombre hair. It took only two days to grow the idea in my head and then boom it happened! That fast. It's certainly an invigorating feeling so I certainly do suggest it!
Besides the hair here is an outfit I would wear outside on a Sunday from day till' night. It's appropriate for a morning coffee with your friends, a lunch with your family and even ending for cocktails at some fancy/hipster/local/groovy/whatever bar.
PS Skirts of this height(+ the white color factor) are huge huge huge trends. PS1 Lately I'm obsessed with everything that has to do with Clic Jewels. PS2 No I never take off my creepers. If I could I would wear them in my sleep

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Personal Style: Casual Tuesday

Casual Tuesday? Hmm that's a logo a could stick to this particular day. It's only the beginning of the week so there is no need for exaggeration and over doing it! There are plenty of days following that we can do. So that's why I found myself fitted into those cosy pants, boy' shirt and studded jacket. Of course if you want to make it a bit special outfit(I never do miss the chance), you can add an extravagant piece of jewelry like this earring that I'm wearing. The creepers are also a "no-miss".
What is your Casual Tuesday?

Monday, October 7, 2013

Street Style

It's Monday. It's October. It's time to stick to a schedule again. After two moths of absence(due to total lack of communication with mother earth) Style Fest is back and fierce.
From now on and every Monday a selection of street styles as seen all around the world, will be presented to you in order to know what is HOT, what you can wear throughout the week or simply admire stylish people. Let's bring it on!