Saturday, November 30, 2013

Personal Style: F for you [Disclosure]

"I've been effected with restless whispers and cheats..Because I play the fool for you". Wow I can dance to this song all night long. I am more likely drawn to it because it's pure electronic music with nothing in between but words. Just like this outfit which is based on a white canvas(with the jumpsuit and the shoes) yet it's being interrupted by the color blue and the statement earrings.
You don't have to force an outfit more than that. Sometimes staying true to 2 or maximum 3 colors is "la migliore soluzione"(the best solution) as the Italians say! Plus I choose to "smash" the I'm-way-too-good-dressed-up with the vintage denim jacket and make it more easy breezy.
PS Invest into something white(whatever that is). It's a classy solution!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Personal Style: Sunny [Marvin Gaye]

Wearing this outfit makes me feel like a cherry blossom. Blame it on the pop out color of the sweater or simply in the light that's falling behind me. I can't really tell. But what I do tell is that most of the times I combine outfits with corresponding vibes, which likewise translates into songs. Since music is a big HUGE part of my life(headphones is literally an extension of my ears), from now own each outfit post will be framed under a song which is either one of my "classics" or a current obsession. Sunny by Marvin Gaye is one of my sky rockets. Hope you like it as much as I do.
Any songs suggestions? What are your favorites?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Street Style: James Edward Quaintance III (Jimmy Q)

Originated from the sunny land of Venice(LA) Mister James Edward Quaintance III,or as commonly known Jimmy Q, is currently a citizen of the cloudy yet intriguing London. His avocations? Plenty there are. Model(he walked among all for Diesel and Vivviene Westwood), pro-skateboarder(in the footsteps of his dad), musician(has a band called Former Lovers), actor and tattooist. Nevertheless being a free bird, as he claims to be, he is not aware of what's next!
The piercing blue eyes, the strong jawline and the distinguishing style of his blend so harmonically and make him irresistible for one's vision. You can see him I suppose somewhere in the streets of London with a cigarette on one hand and his girl on the other.
What he wears is a mixture of pure skate style along with some punk rock influences, yet is not impossible to spot him also into a tailored suit!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Personal Style: Mixing patterns

Mixing patterns. Well that's an idea! Blending two or more different patterns in one outfit although it sounds simple, it's not always the case. Many times I've tried it, millions I've failed. And that's from where my appreciation originates for the people that are nailing it! Leaving aside the clothes though, I wanna stand in the metaphorical meaning behind the title of this post and talk about human relations.
It's not gonna be long. I pledge. 
People just like clothes are different between them. Two individuals trying to co-exist equals two patterns trying to do the exact same thing. As mentioned above it's not a easy thing to do. It takes imagination, envision, patience and a lot of work and love in order something to come out right, whether it's an outfit or a relationship. At such outcome (may I say) we were lead to with my photographer, yet above all friend, Mirto Vathioti. Working together, drinking coffee and (yes!) beers, talking about our dreams had grown into a deep appreciation and strong bondage. 
That's why this photoshoot is so special to me. Cause it translates the affiliation not only among clothes but also among people.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Personal Style: The Details

I'm not quite a huge fan of jean pants(weird huh?), yet I consider it to be extremely challenging to find the perfect jeans that embrace the woman's curves. However I cant resist them when they give me a buttoned up sheer shirt, a playful jacket and accessories to play with.
A statement necklace should be a no miss for me if you want to add a bit of sauciness in the outfit and still in order not to loose control combine everything with an all-time classic bag. Mine is the Neverfull Monogram LV and its a statement on her own!
Do you spice your outfits with accessories too or you keep a tone more casual?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Personal Style: Lace'n'Plaid

Getting out of your comfort zone and trying your style limits is one of the subjects that I have argued over many many times at this blog. Speaking of which here I am dressing up a little bit more goth-grunge than usual and trying to balance among rock style and romantic(that comes along with the dark lace). The plaid shirt,which by the way is a huuuuge trend, yet i assume you already know, is the captain of this outfit combining both of these diverse elements.

Do you ever get out of your comfort zone? Let me know your thoughts.