Sunday, November 17, 2013

Personal Style: Mixing patterns

Mixing patterns. Well that's an idea! Blending two or more different patterns in one outfit although it sounds simple, it's not always the case. Many times I've tried it, millions I've failed. And that's from where my appreciation originates for the people that are nailing it! Leaving aside the clothes though, I wanna stand in the metaphorical meaning behind the title of this post and talk about human relations.
It's not gonna be long. I pledge. 
People just like clothes are different between them. Two individuals trying to co-exist equals two patterns trying to do the exact same thing. As mentioned above it's not a easy thing to do. It takes imagination, envision, patience and a lot of work and love in order something to come out right, whether it's an outfit or a relationship. At such outcome (may I say) we were lead to with my photographer, yet above all friend, Mirto Vathioti. Working together, drinking coffee and (yes!) beers, talking about our dreams had grown into a deep appreciation and strong bondage. 
That's why this photoshoot is so special to me. Cause it translates the affiliation not only among clothes but also among people.

wearing: boots, leather pants, ear cuff H&M/ crop top ZARA/ sunnies SPITFIRE/ plaid shirt, bag Vintage

Photography Mirto Vathioti

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  1. Such an amazing look! Love that top. Great blog, would you like to follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin? xx

  2. This is amazing, those pants are incredible!

  3. Έτσι κοριτσάρα μου. Κάθε φορά που ανεβάζεις personal style post να μας κάνεις να παραμιλάμε.Εύγε!
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark


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