Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Street Style: James Edward Quaintance III (Jimmy Q)

Originated from the sunny land of Venice(LA) Mister James Edward Quaintance III,or as commonly known Jimmy Q, is currently a citizen of the cloudy yet intriguing London. His avocations? Plenty there are. Model(he walked among all for Diesel and Vivviene Westwood), pro-skateboarder(in the footsteps of his dad), musician(has a band called Former Lovers), actor and tattooist. Nevertheless being a free bird, as he claims to be, he is not aware of what's next!
The piercing blue eyes, the strong jawline and the distinguishing style of his blend so harmonically and make him irresistible for one's vision. You can see him I suppose somewhere in the streets of London with a cigarette on one hand and his girl on the other.
What he wears is a mixture of pure skate style along with some punk rock influences, yet is not impossible to spot him also into a tailored suit!

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  1. Στο επόμενο post σας θέλω ζεύγος.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark


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