Friday, November 28, 2014

Personal Style: The Sun [Parov Stelar]

Now I'm gonna tell my mama that I'm a traveller, I'm gonna follow the sun.
Stuck in my head the last few moths this song is playing through my earphones non stop. Can't complain though. Every time I listen to it my whole days brightens. Even the moodier one.
And talking about moody days(and winter) I still can't understand why people get stuck on dark colors. Yeah black, blue, grey are the safe choices but have you ever tried putting on colourful leggings and see how it feels? Suddenly your day has an essence of happiness and you face the circumstances with a whole different perspective.
Every time I wear my PCP grapefruit leggings this is how I roll. And since I'm a kiddo of gimme-prints-and-many-colors please, the dotted shirt and the mint jumper was the one-way to go.
Would you add so many colors in a single outfit?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Personal Style: The Morning [The Weeknd]

Casual OOTD(outfit of the day).
My style may be diverse and can take lots of forms but some days sticking to the basics is a must-do. And there is nothing more classic than the boyfriend style. Wear your comfy, ripped, boyfriend jeans style it with a turtleneck knit, cause days are getting chillier, and throw on your shoulders an oversized blazer. And KAPOW in 3 minutes you can achieve an effortless look and the eyes of passersby scanning you to see what you wear.
PS Oxford shoes are optional. But oh boy(!) I can never turn down oxford shoes.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Personal Style: Flunk [Blue Monday]

Yesterday was indeed a Blue Monday. Not only was the weather a bit blue, the vibe as well. Busy busy busy day. And what do you seek in a day like that? Comfort along with style. 
I chose to wear my baby blue PCP leggings that are super comfy, restain my body(and booty.hooray!) and are super stylish. A long shirt makes the whole outfit more classy and the layers always give you extra credits. The jumper is an oldie in my wardrobe but I like its voluminousness, bright colours and the contrast it creates among the pieces of clothing. Combining pastel colours with other more vibrant ones it's a DO DO DO for sure.
Would you wear something like that? How would you style your PCP Clothing leggings?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Personal Style: Disparate youth [Santigold]

Yes this old habit of mine to attach images to songs will never stop. And this particular post is no exception! Disparate youth by Santigold is a much beloved track.
Santigold sings about how things may turn up in life and that others will want to bring you down. But, if you have faith in what you can achieve this or the other way, nothing can stop you. That's a life lesson for me and I bet for the majority of you out there. Youth or young, whatever that is, we create the clef in our music.
Here I'm wearing a total PCP Clothing outfit. This sweater is one of the coziest I've worn. It's the proper hoodie to cover my booty. It's long enough in order to wear it as a dress plus it makes me feel uber cool and unique(each design is one and only. there is no same to it. no no no). Furthermore the leggings have blown my mind out! They restrain my body and they are super comfy at the same time.  Wearing leggings won't be the same again. Those who follow me on Instagram have probably see me sporting the banana printed leggings too.
Think I'm in serious, deep, pure Love and Lust \m/

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Personal Style: Heads will roll [Yeah Yeah Yeahs]

Long time, no see. I hope you didn't forget about me. 
It has been almost a year since my last post at Style Fest but I certainly hope that things are a bit different this time around. In this whole year things have changed dramatically. And it's all for the best. But enough with the chitchat. Let's talk about some serious style. 
Over this time my style changed yet another time. Maybe slightly but it did. All the different vibes and the stimuli that I absorb from the surroundings, whether it's a person, an editorial or the sun that is shining outside my window, I try to interpret them into my clothing and the way I dress.
This particular outfit is the strong total black combination that is an all-the-way classic and safe choice. Yet I chose to make it a little bit more playful and age-appropriate with the Carhartt cap which translates the deep appreciation that I nourish for the skate culture.
Hope you liked the comeback outfit ;)