Sunday, November 9, 2014

Personal Style: Disparate youth [Santigold]

Yes this old habit of mine to attach images to songs will never stop. And this particular post is no exception! Disparate youth by Santigold is a much beloved track.
Santigold sings about how things may turn up in life and that others will want to bring you down. But, if you have faith in what you can achieve this or the other way, nothing can stop you. That's a life lesson for me and I bet for the majority of you out there. Youth or young, whatever that is, we create the clef in our music.
Here I'm wearing a total PCP Clothing outfit. This sweater is one of the coziest I've worn. It's the proper hoodie to cover my booty. It's long enough in order to wear it as a dress plus it makes me feel uber cool and unique(each design is one and only. there is no same to it. no no no). Furthermore the leggings have blown my mind out! They restrain my body and they are super comfy at the same time.  Wearing leggings won't be the same again. Those who follow me on Instagram have probably see me sporting the banana printed leggings too.
Think I'm in serious, deep, pure Love and Lust \m/

wearing: hoodie, leggings PCP/ shoes UNDERGROUNG/ sunnies RAYBAN WAYFARER

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