Friday, November 28, 2014

Personal Style: The Sun [Parov Stelar]

Now I'm gonna tell my mama that I'm a traveller, I'm gonna follow the sun.
Stuck in my head the last few moths this song is playing through my earphones non stop. Can't complain though. Every time I listen to it my whole days brightens. Even the moodier one.
And talking about moody days(and winter) I still can't understand why people get stuck on dark colors. Yeah black, blue, grey are the safe choices but have you ever tried putting on colourful leggings and see how it feels? Suddenly your day has an essence of happiness and you face the circumstances with a whole different perspective.
Every time I wear my PCP grapefruit leggings this is how I roll. And since I'm a kiddo of gimme-prints-and-many-colors please, the dotted shirt and the mint jumper was the one-way to go.
Would you add so many colors in a single outfit?

wearing: leggings PCP, shoes ADIDAD SUPERSTAR, shirt vintage, jumper ZARA, sunnies RAYBAN WAYFARER

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