Friday, March 27, 2015

Personal Style: Itsy bitsie fluffy beanie

There are some things in our wardrobe that we never seem eager to stop wearing and pretty much this is the story behind this "itsy bitsie fluffy beanie". It was instant love and lust from the first moment and it got me so excited not only it's super color yet also it's "fluffiness". We can all agree that MUM'S Handmade creates pretty cool stuff and wait till you see the spring summer collection. Mamma mia!! 
The MUM's beanie seemed to me a knock-off paired with my other obsession, the purple satin bomber jacket and a simple mid dress underneath. I think someone will have to remove this beanie from my head because I refuse to stop wearing until it's 20 degrees outside.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Personal Style: Paris [Friendly Fires ft. Au Revoir Simone]

Just a super quick and tiny tiny outfit update. These days are super busy and there is hardly time for anything. That was what I was wearing in my best friend's graduation the other day. I find these midi dresses super comfortable and ladylike. Combined with the hat and a leather jacket there's a whole new essence though. A more Parisian one. Anyway. Gotta go. Until next time ;)

wearing: dress PULL&BEAR, bag/ jacket ZARA, hat H&M

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